Monday, December 7, 2009

What a difference a Day Makes.

Go ahead and do what you really like to do!  Do nothing else!  Meditations from "Conversations with God - Book 1" page 185

It's very easy to do what I really like.  That's staying sober one day at a time and I'm closing in on 18 years.  January 20, 2010 is the day.  Any of you remember the song "What A Difference A Day Makes", we are all proof that it is so true. 

Yesterday I went over to Joe's for us to do our Sunday cooking.  When I got there he was having a hell of a time breathing and that was at 3 PM.  He got a better, but any exercise like taking his walker to the bathroom just wore him out plus he was having a tightness in his chest.  I wanted to take him to Park Plaza to the Emergency Room and he was afraid they would keep him.  So I did some chopping and seasoning for the Tortilla Soup we were making and he just kept getting worse.  Then I told him to call his DR and he did not want to because the Dr. always tells him to go to the  ER. Well, duh.  Finally about 6:30 he called his sister  and she said for him to come over there for the night so they could keep an eye on him.  Got all his meds together and his "stuff" for one night.  He asked me if I could keep Petey, his miniature dachshound and of course I said yes.  His sister is nervouse around dogs due to an incident in her childhood.  So we got him over to her house about 8 PM.  Man I was just wiped out. I got home about 9:30 aftter a stop at Whataburger for their A1 Thick and Hearty.  The soup was not done and it is in the fridge at Joe's.  I brought Petey home, and Mamie was just a doll with him.  They've been around each other and it was as if she understood why he was here.

Joe went to the ER about 4:15 this afternoon and is still there as of 10:15.  His breathing and chest pain has increased and they are just waiting for test results.  I hope they keep him.  This just has not been his year.  I love Joe dearly and he has been my best friend for over 40 years.  His partner, Karl, passed in May 08 and we have become closer.  No romance, just spend a lot of time together.  I worry about him as he still imbibes a bit excessively, but that is none of my business.  I'm his friend and I don't judge, I tell him what I think but don't meddle.  Say a prayer for him. 

Tonight I am grateful for:

God my Higher Power
My Sobriety
Mamie, my schnauzer
My Sponsor.
That I can be there for Joe, Rosalie, and others.
That Mamie gave her daybed up for Petey.
Those of you who always blog.
All y'all.

Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


big Jenn said...

Prayers for your friend.jeNN

dAAve said...

Joe's lucky to have you around.

Syd said...

I hope that Joe will be okay. I love that Mamie gave her daybed up to Petey.

Akannie said...

Oh, Zane...

Prayers for Joe and I hope he is better today. How blessed is he to have you for a friend? Sounds like Mamie takes after her da....xoxoxoxoAnnie

Steve E said...

A day late, but I'm betting that prayers are NEVER too late...for Joe.

Joe is a favorite family name, goes back to 1600's (Joseph Anselm) and every generation since has several Joe's in it.