Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mamie, the fearless hunter.

April 16 - God is in the sadness and in laughter. In the bitter and the sweet. Meditations from "Conversations with God - Book 1" page 60
Hi my alkie friends. How the hell are ya. Things are pretty good in this neck of the woods. My left eye is improving. Things are blurry but the focus problem is gone. The distortion is gone. I am so grateful for the improvement I just want to shout from the streets, the rooftops, and the top of the world. Actually, I am on the top of the world. As long as I am sober, I will remain on top of the world. Sobriety ROCKS.
Now to the story on the fearless hunter - Mamie. Mamie is my 14.5 lb. miniature schnauzer. She is quite the little hunter as are all schnauzers. It is part of their breeding. She goes nuts with squirrels, birds, or whatever when it is outside and when I let her out, she just turns into a silver streak. She's fun to watch. I call her my OCD Schnauzer because of this. She is on 24/7. This past Monday night I was watching TV and she was in my lap and then her head popped straight up and out of the lap she went across the living room to the fireplace. Her head was just a bobbing and her stance was as if she were stalking something. Then she tried to get in the fireplace but the screen blocked her. So I got the flashlight and beamed it into the fireplace and there it was, a blackbird. It was about that time that the bird flew above the screen and started flying crazily through the LR. I have a cathedral ceiling and the poor thing was just bouncing around on the beams and into the wall. And within inches was Mamie just chasing it around the LR into the Dining Room and I ran to the back door and opened it. I thought the bird had flown out because Mamie went out and a quick run and back in. So I sat down to watch the news and listen to her rummaging around the room as if the bird were still in the room. A couple of minutes later she was at my feet, pawing me and growling. I looked down and I'll be damned if she wasn't sitting there with the blackbird in her mouth "Look Daddy, DINNER". The look on her face was priceless. Such pride, such accomplishment. As I got up and yelled she dropped the bird and I picked up a plastic paper sleeve from the paper basket next to my chair and put the bird in it and threw it out the back door. She was fine with that and did not try to go out there. Later I let her out for her last "business" and she did not go near where the bird should have landed. The next morning the bird was gone. Probably was eaten by a raccoon or a possum or a cat or - maybe it just passed out from fright and flew off later in the night. I would like to think the latter, but I will never know. Oh, by the way, I closed the flute or whatever in the fireplace and now the heat or air will now just be in the house. I wonder how much heat escaped this year.
Tonight I am grateful for:
  • God my Higher Power
  • My Sobriety
  • Mamie, my OCD Schnauzer
  • My Sponsor, went home yesterday.
  • My right eye
  • Being sighted
  • Having what I need
  • My lost insurance check being reissued
  • The simple things in life.
  • All y'all

Y'all be pretty now, ya heah!


Steve E. said...

Isn't it strange, Zane, how we can tell an almost non-tale of a dog and a bird, and it becomes interesting as hell, to others.

I mean, I followed your every thought through the story, even picking the bird up, and "out" the door....and you didn't drink over your role in the skit, and I didn't drink reading it. So THERE!

Thank You, God, and AA! And Zane.

Syd said...

I hope that it flew away too. Definitely keeping the damper closed is good. I get chimney swifts down the chimney in winter and then hear the babies squawking in spring. I don't want baby birds falling out of their nest.

Prayer Girl said...

The other night, Bert, my cat came in the sliding door from our lanai and started meowing very loudly. He was "talking and talking". I came and it turned out he was calling me to come see his grand "catch". He had brought in a lizard, dropped it on the rug and proudly showed off it's final death throes to me.

Yikes - Steve-aroni had to throw it out for me. My Hero!

Prayer Girl

Findon said...

Oh the image of you and mamie and the bird charging around your living room, each trying to outdo the other.. Priceless Nicely Zane.

Scott W said...

Poor little birdie.

Robb said...

Holy Smokes! And I mean that literally.
Make sure you open that flue up next time y'all make a fire. Elsewise, you're gonna get a cloud of smoke everywhere.
And get someone to install a "cage" on top of the chiminy. That'll stop unwanted creatures from scrambling down into Doggie / Human living spaces.

Keep The Faith*

Queenneenee said...

I have had 2 birdie visitors in my home in recent weeks, FROM MY FIREPLACE! I can hear them chirpin away up there, but sometimes they get in and its scary for them. They crash into windows until they find the door I have opened so they can be free again. So far my dog can't catch them!