Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Night, August 27, 2008

There is only one reason to do anything: as a statement to the universe of Who You Are. Meditations from Conversations With God, Book One, page 36
Hi y'all. How the hell was your day. Mine was pretty good. It was another sober day, those are the best. I thank God and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous for the gift of Sobriety.
I saw a movie today. Not the best movie I ever saw, but a funny one that got better during the last 20 minutes. It was Hamlet 2. It was a movie with the premise that a failed actor was teaching a drama class in Tuscon Az. He had 7 years of sobriety. In the previews there was a song, Rock Me Sexy Jesus that I found offensive. But then I had a cat over Jesus Christ Superstar - until I saw it and then I realized the message was biblical. Hmmmmmmm, contempt before investigation. Now where have I heard that before. Anyway, in complete context of the movie, it was not offensive. Now I am sure I have set myself up for a visit from the DFDU. TUFF. If my remarks have offended any of you, I did not intend to do so, as Pam would say, just saying.
Yep, back to the damned Dots.
On my way home from the movie I decided to go by PetSmart at 1960 and 45 and get a couple of boxes of Frontline Flea treatment. I was about a car length from the car in front of me and this woman on a Harley pulled in front of me. Fine there was room. Then another woman on a Harley pulled in to the left of her and they started chatting. I just assumed they knew each other. Then the first woman with long blonde hair sticking out from her helmet, turned her head to the other and there was a very neatly trimmed mustache over her lip. Well, I certainly was wrong. He was small of stature and the long blond hair - I just saw a women. The light turned and they turned left and I was right behind them. As we were coming out from under the freeway they both sped up, the woman (the real one) was leading and then BAM one of the bikes was in the air, bounced against the curb on the left and end over end and there was blood squirting, and the the helmet was airborne. I thought OH MY GOD, his head came off. A car had pulled into the guy from the 45 feeder and just knocked the hell out of him. I mean they were right in front of me, about a car maybe 2 lengths ahead. I pulled into the Texas Roadhouse Parking lot and ran over. Many cars had stopped and people came to the rescue. Thank God, the airborne helmet was empty. The squirt was from the guys arm. Someone got a rubber out of their wallet and tied a tourniquet at the top of the arm. That was quick thinking. The biker was laying there obviously in pain and trying to get up to turn his bikes engine off so the spilling gas did not explode, but another stranger did so. Man that all happened so damned quick. The woman that hit him was walking in circles screaming, saying nothing, just screaming. The cops and an ambulance were there in about 5 minutes. The cops talked to the woman, the biker, the gal biker, me, and a couple of other people. Basically, we all told the same story. I was ready to give the second cop my name and all and he said it was not necessary, all of our stories were basically the same. SO I went across the street and continued with my business. But I cannot shake what I saw happen in just a split second. It just proves, that how you interpret what your eyes see, are not necessarily true. It just goes to show GOD IS IN CHARGE. I am so glad to be sober in a world with God. It just does not get any better than that.
God, my Higher Power.
My Sobriety.
Mamie, my schnauzer.
My Sobriety.
The biker was not killed.
The woman stopped screaming and I pray for her to have a very good support system.
Seeing strangers with nothing in common, coming to the aid of a biker.
Today's GOD SHOT.
I now know another SAFE use for a rubber.(I haven't carried one since I was 16)
Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


Scott W said...

Now you know why I would not ride a motorcycle. Too scary.

dAAve said...

Good for you.
Some people lose their head in situations like this.

J-Online said...

I'm sorry you had to witness that yesterday. Thankfully, you were not injured and the biker was not killed.

AlkySeltzer said...

Hey, that 'biker' story is scary, especially to a recently new biker--since May 15.

And yesterday my wife Anna got into the street for the first time. I have had her practicing in a church parking lot.

She got her MC endorsement (Florida) just last Monday, had to go to 3-day school. New law.

Anyway, I'm trying to NOT push her, until she is comfortable. But your story shows that comfort, or not, it can happen in seconds. Thank you for the wake-up!


Zanejabbers said...

Steverino, I rode for 22 years and quit in 1993 due to back probs. It got to the point that after 50 miles I was in so much pain I did know if I would make it back home. I really miss it. I was sort of reminiscing yesterday when that happened. Unfortunately, I rode mostly during my drinking days and yes, I did ride drunk.