Saturday, July 18, 2009

And then there was none.

There are a million aspects to Me. A billion. A trillion. You see? There is the profane and the profound, the lesser and the larger, the hollow and the holy, the ghastly and the Godly. July 17 - Meditations from "Conversations with God - Book 1" page 173
I am indeed saddened by the announcement late Friday that one of the great ICON's of the 20th Century, WALTER CRONKITE, died at the age of 92. Cronkite was just always there with the news. Real News. That does not exist today. He was a real ICON. He was an influence on the way America
was and is. I will never forget his announcement of the passing of JFK. His Vietnam coverage. His landing on the moon coverage. Those are just three of the fine examples of his reporting that are burned into my memory. There will never be another person that can possibly take his place of even come close to it. The changes that have come down the pike have taken that position away. We now have 24 hour news, the WWW, Twitter, Utube, and all the other stuff that just blabber 24 hours a day. Walter Cronkite has left a huge emptiness in the world as if a "thousand lights went out." I feel so blessed to have had my life touched by such a remarkable person He will be missed.
On another note, Rosalie is back in the hospital due to extreme back pain. I talked with both she and Sam this afternoon. She has had bad lower back pain for awhile and was worsened during the severe constipation of late. She went in yesterday and x-rays show several complex fractures in her lower back. She was to have an MRI late this afternoon and has been cleared for surgery for next week. With her COPD she will be on a ventilator during and after surgery and it will be removed when she shows she can breath on her own. One of the major side effects is that she may not come off of the ventilator. But as she says, there's not much choice and she has the faith that all will be well. So, one more time I am asking for prayers from y'all. Sure are a lot of with loved ones on these prayer lists. Aren't we blessed with friends that lovingly give time for this in their prayers? Isn't this one of the best perks of being in recovery? HELL YES.
Tonight I am grateful for:
  • God my Higher Power
  • My Sobriety
  • Mamie, my schnauzer
  • My Sponsor who is getting out and around.
  • My right eye.
  • Being sighted.
  • A surprise Dinner with Daave this evening.
  • The beauty of distant storm clouds south of Houston this evening.
  • All y'all.

Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


Steve E. said...

1. Will you speak at my funeral? Wow! That was a great Eulogy.

2. I'm so sorry, and saddened to hear of Rosalie's latest news. Of course, I'll add her name onto my daily list for prayer.

3. You wrote: "friends that lovingly give time for this in their prayers? Isn't this one of the best perks of being in recovery? HELL YES."

It is an even better perk of being on this community of peeps. There's a lot of praying goes on here, and God had GOT to be listening...

dAAve said...

As the World Turns.

Prayer Girl said...

Oh yes how the world has changed and I know it will continue to do so. Just before I left treatment many years ago they showed us a film about all the possible future changes that would be coming. I was horrified, but that was the ready for a changing world. Us alcoholics don't always like change. I'm still not wild about it though it's getting better.

Having said that, I love my life today no matter how things change. It is a gift from God. I'm on His time, not mine.

I will pray for Rosalie.


Scott W said...

I love that Cw/G quote.

Prayers said.

Akannie said...

Hey Zane...

I feel the same way about Walter Cronkite. I remember the news of the assassination and his familiar face on television for years. He lived a good long life, and was probably ready to hang it up...especially watching what happens on the news these days...that must have made him crazy.

Prayers for Rosalie. And for you and Sam too, my friend.

Syd said...

I hope that your sister will feel better. And Cronkite was one of a kind. He actually knew something. Imagine that.
Glad that you are doing well.