Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Night, July 15, 2008

Having so considered our day, not omitting to take due note of things well done, and having searched our hearts with neither fear nor favor, we can truly thank God for the blessings we have received and sleep in good conscience. Page 95 , 12 & 12, last paragraph from step 10.
What a great day to be sober. Of course any day is a great day to be sober. I really like the past few days on my friends blogs as there have been an influx of new (new to me anyway) people to the blogs and the best part are the newcomers. Hope we hear a lot from these folks. I'm concerned about Sober Alcoholic Soldier, but then I am concerned about all newcomers that just disappears. I hope this one is just something I've missed.
I made the 12:15 Lambda step study yesterday. First time I have ever been to this meeting and only went because I had a DR. appt just before the meeting. It was a very good meeting. During the chip presentation at the meeting end, something happened that I thought was just beautiful. I wrote earlier about this man that appears to be a bit mentally imbalanced, talks to himself, has taken a chip as a newcomer after taking a 90 day chip and then taking an 8 year chip in June. I do not particularly care for this person, but I try to remember principles before personalities. This one really makes me work this part of the program. Anyway, the chip person started with the Desire Chip, a young lady took one, and then she asked if there was any one else that wanted one - it comes with a hug. At this point the gentleman jumped to his feet and took himself up there as fast as he could, he got his hug and the chip. My perception was that this guy did not really want the chip, but the offer of the hug was his trigger. I guess he is just starved for attention. I dunno, just my perception. He had a very pleased smile as he went back to his seat and kept it through the closing prayer.
Yesterday, I got an email from a friend that a long time friend of mine in Los Angeles had died on June 28. Bill Coffey was his name. Bill and I were in the gay motorcycling community in LA. He got sober in 1976 or so. He used to come to my house on Christmas Eve and I always tried to get him to have a drink. He always said thanks but no thanks, I prefer to stay sober tonight. When I came into the program he was there for me. Shortly after my 5th birthday, he asked me to be the Saturday Night speaker at the Saturday Night Live meeting in Hollywood. I did so and was so nervous that I dared not to let go of the lectern lest I fall on my ass. I've mentioned Bill before on my blog. I am not breaking his anonymity by using his full name as he always used it. One of Bill's major concerns was how bad the Crystal Meth problem was and its devastating affects. He had been a heroin user and an alcoholic, and he said that CM was worse than heroin. He later founded Crystal Meth Anonymous. He worked tirelessly for this group although he was never a CM user. Bill was a wonderful man and has left a legacy that will help people all over this world. I know my life was enriched with his friendship. I know his is humbly taking his place in that great meeting in the afterlife.
Today I am grateful for:
God my Higher Power.
My Sobriety.
Mamie, my doggie.
My sponsor.
A great Saturday Night dinner, play, and speaker.
Old timers
Those in between
Being blessed by many sober friends.
Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


dAAve said...

Sorry I missed you on Monday. We was movin'.
Your friend Bill in LA started a great program. It's already saved many, I'm sure.

Scott W said...

Bless your friend Bill.

Sometimes all we need is a hug. With that gentleman I always remember -- there but by the grace of God...

AlkySeltzer said...

Gee, I'll comment here--got nothing special, except a bunch of gratitude (thankfulness!). However, now for the ....hey Where's my...What th....thought there'd be a HUG here somewhere! Oh, well. Ya know, I haven't had time to go through all the "About Me's" yet, so I rarely know if I'm writing to a girl or a boy. You could say it doesn't matter--but it does, it does!
Steve E.

Trailboss said...

A hug is always welcome to me. I am sorry about your friend. Here is a hug for you ( ).