Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Night, July 23, 2008

The actions of the body were meant to be reflections of a state of being, not attempts to attain a state of being. Meditations from Conversations with God Book 1,
P 185
Hi y'all. I've seen two movies so far this week. Monday I saw Black Knight and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Joker was incredible. I'm having a senior moment right now and the actors name will not come to me, but y'all know who it is. I don't know if it is Oscar worthy but it was very good. Then yesterday I saw "Journey to the Center of the Earth." The 3D made the movie enjoyable even though I was sitty with the group of jaberwokkies in the theatre. When the lights came up I saw that these were just kids. I'm so glad I did not blast them. I DETEST Yakers at the movies. I pay my money to see the movie and hear the actors, not the attendees. I have been known to tell talkers that, even in sobriety. But I guess old age is mellowing me.
I'm kind of going through a case of the fuckits. I just don't want to do anything, see anoyone, talk to anyone, or any of the things I usually like to do. Movies are an escape when I'm like this. I know it will pass but I also know that my own financial situation has a lot to do with it. I also know I have a lot of things to be grateful for, I just sometimes don't like to go there. But I do, and I do it on a daily basis. I may not blog everyday, or visit your blogs, however when I do I leave my mark. For me to do otherwise would be like passing you on the street or in the hallway and not speaking. But that is me, I know that everyone is not like me and I have to accept that, but that does not mean I have to like it.
HEY HEY, in 17 minutes Mary Christine will be celebrating another year of sobriety. I will definitely have to stop by and wish her a good one. It is a miracle everytime someone adds another full year to their length of sobriety. When someone in meetings states that time is not important - that the person that got up the earliest has the most sobriety I just want to yell BULLSHIT. To me, time is important to me, it proves to me that someone before me has made it for X number of years and if they can do it, maybe I can also be a miracle and make it. It's called following in the footsteps of the one that made the path. It may get narrower, but but as long as it is there I will trudge it. It just don't get much better than that.
Tonight I am grateful for:
God, my Higher Power that keeps me from total insanity.
My Sobriety.
Mamie, My Schnauzer.(It's almost three months)
My sponsor.
Action in AA.
My fellow bloggers, the normies and those in recovery.
The daily miracles.
Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


Pam said...

You have the fuckits? hee hee
My grandson went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth last night. I wondered if it was a remake of the old one from when I was a kid.

Zane-nawwaa said...

I wondered the same thing?

Scott W said...

Fuck-its come and fuck-its go. As long as we remain sober we can snub our noses at them.