Thursday, November 6, 2008


November 5 - Joy, truth, love. These three are interchangeable, and one always leads to the other. I matters not in which order they are placed. Meditations from Conversations with God, Book 1, page 5.
Have not been in a posting mood since Halloween. I hit a tree on my broom. Picture on Daave's blog.
Back in the 70's there was a comic strip about an alcoholic old witch named Broom Hilda. I loved that strip. She was always falling off her broom or there would be a caption with a "hic" coming from above. I wonder if she ever showed up on a posting board in the rooms of AA?
Not a lot to say tonight except that It is so great to have enjoyed another day of sobriety, to have attended a speaker meeting at Lambda at noon, and to have finished another day on the best side of the grass. Doesn't get much better than that.
Tonight I am grateful for:
God, my Higher Power.
My Sobriety
Mamie, my schnauzer.
My sponsor.
My cat scan on my head being negative for a concussion.
My Blood Pressure being under control for 2 days.
An additional BP medicine Exforge that did the job.
My sugars are under control.
My blood work was exceptionally good.
My sight in my left eye is improving.
Modern medicine.
My retirement health benefits and medicare.
The election is over and done.
79 days to inauguration.
All Y'all.
Y'all be pretty now ya heah!


Scott W said...

Great to hear your health is good.

I like that Wednesday post below.


Short and sweet is hard to beat.

I remember Broom Hilda, but was too young to get the point. It makes me laugh picturing you on your broom hitting a tree.

So very glad to hear about all the good health news.

God bless!

J-Online said...

You have a lot to be grateful for it sounds like. I just needed a day off!

AlkySeltzer said...

Zane, you have the gift, the ability, to say SO much in SO few words. A pleasure to read (and quickly move on? -grin-) OBOY--Well I KNOW you have a good sense of humor! BTW, is there such a thing as a BAD sense of humor? Hmmmm.

Wish I had that gift of few words!!!

Zanejabbers said...

You obviously aare taking note on my very verboseless Post of Wednesday. HEE HEE.