Friday, October 30, 2009

Listen to The Rhythm of the Falling Rain

The grandest teaching of Christ was not that you shall have everlasting life--but that you do.  Meditations from "Conversations with God - Book 1" page 52

Scott W's post today brought this song title to my mind and it would not shut off.  I made a comment that it was from 1959 and I could not remember the name of the group, but the group I had in mind was not correct.  And the song is not from 1959.  It was written and recorded the first time by Floyd Cramer on December 29, 1957.  Later it was recorded by Johnny Tilotson, Ricky Nelson, Herman's Hermits and lots of others.  I LOVED THAT SONG.   I danced and dipped many a girl at the sock hops, proms, and other high school dances.  Later I danced and dipped many a man in the dance clubs of the 1960s and if the lights flickered, it was grab a dyke, as same sex dancing was against the law and they were coming in the door.  But that's for a June story.  It's magic how just a little statement on another's blog and send us down a wonderful lane of memories.

Tonight I am grateful for:
  • God my Higher Power
  • My Sobriety
  • Mamie, my schnauzer, whom has been my nurse and companion through this crud, virus, flu, or whatever the hell I've got.
  • My sponsor.
  • 16 solid hours of sleep last night into today 
  • Feeling better today
  • A nice house in which to have "cabin fever."
  • Canned peaches and toast.
  • Maybe tomorrow I'll venture out, I hate to miss birthday night.
  • Memories
  • Friends
  • All y'all
Y'all be pretty now, ya heah!


dAAve said...

We missed you at your sponsor's house.

Akannie said...

But...June's soooo far away......


Prayer Girl said...

I hear that song in my head right now. Beautiful memories.


Scott W said...

Good to see you last night. I love that song, too.

Syd said...

For some reason, all music has a sad sound to it today. I've never dipped a dyke that I know about.