Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday Evening, June 18, 2008

Hey y'all, how the hell are you. I've been out of touch for two whole very long and HOT days. I've been having electrical probs for a few weeks and Centerpoint came out Monday (I was expecting them Tuesday) and found that the meter Jaws and the Meter wiring was shorting out. I was at a movie and when I got home at 7 PM my garage door would not open So I thought, shit, another outage. Got out of the car, got to the front door and I had a Centerpoint Hanger on my door knob. They had removed my meter and cut off my electricity due to unsafe conditions. I needed to get an electrician. So, I called Leonard the electrician. He could not make it that night, but could swing by about 9AM Tuesday and fix it. Sounded like music to my ears.
So I called my friend Joe, and he said to come over and share his a/c and dinner. The air felt so good after being in the heater I call home. It was 99 out here on Monday. Joe and I sat up and talked until midnight and then turned in for the night. I did not sleep well at all even with the cool air. I had forgotten my Sleep Apnea machine, So I kept waking up. While having coffee with Joe the next morning, my cell rang and it was Leonard. My meter jaw and wiring was complete (cost - $145.00 thank you GOD) and I needed to call TXU and have them call Centerpoint and request a reconnect. I did and they gave me a 4 hour window at 10 AM. I was home at 10:30 and no sign of them. I did not need to be home for that, but I wanted to be. Well I am down to shorts, drinking 52 ounces jugs of water, and then a 52 ounce diet caffeine free coke. I alternated Throughout the day. I also used a pan of water with ice in it to keep a small towel wet with COLD water. That helped. At 7:30 PM mr Centerpoint rolled up and did the deed with the meeter and voila, like magic, the lights came on, the A/C started and the 36 hours of accumulated heat was starting to dissipate.
So, shopping I went to cool off, had a burger for dinner at an air conditioned spot, and back home by 9:30 PM. It had cooled down to 82 and I was absolutely pooped. I took a hot shower and then kept the water temp declining until I was just rinsing in total cold water. WONDERFUL. I then took my evening meds and put my big ass to bed with lights out at 11:30 and slept nonstop until 12:30 this afternoon. I have recovered. And all of this was just another 48 hours living life on life's fucking terms. And it was completely sober. It don't get much better than that.
God, My Higher Power who never puts me through anything that I don't come out of.
My sobriety, that gives me the strength to get through rough times.
Mamie, my miniature schnauzer, that was a little lady at Joe's house Monday Night.
My Sponsor.
Seeing JFK, Gary, and JFK's Mom at K-Bob's steakhouse in Brenham on Sunday after the awful antique show in Brenham. It was a mini-meeting.
God Shots.
Life being good.
Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


Pam said...

Oh I can not live without AC darlin'. The first sign of trouble, and I pack up and go to a hotel....cuz I'm that kinda girl.

dAAve said...


Scott W said...

It's too hot for stuff like that. Glad you had Joe's to escape to, even if you didn't sleep well.

I miss JFK.

Zane-nawwaa said...

Me too.

Trailboss said...

I came home from work yesterday and Joe had the windows open and a/c off......that quickly changed and the a/c popped right back on. We don't want me to get hot. I turn into a bitch immediately.