Wednesday, September 10, 2008


When the body, mind and soul create together, in harmony and in unity, God is made fresh. The does the soul know itself in it own experience. Then do the heavens rejoice. Meditations from Conversations With God, Book 1, page 175, September 10.
Hi, Alkies, how the hell are you. The suspense grows, the fear is becoming intense, and my damned nerves are really being worked. Here we are, about 60 - 72 hours from predicted landfall of Hurricane IKE and no evacuation orders for a full scale evacuation of the state of Texas. Not even for SE Texas. Only Brazoria County and parts of Galveston County. I CAN"T BELIEVE IT! And then at 10 tonite the Houston Mayor and County Judge say that the time to evacuate the Houston area has come and gone. Not only that but for tonights SUPPOSED landfall spot - Sargent, Texas - has 100 mph hurricane winds covering the Humble, North Houston, Spring (I live there) and The Woodlands. They (the weather forecasters) say that a pine cone traveling at 100 MPH could shatter glass windows or crack Brick Walls. I really appreciate the fact that THEY are not trying to scare the SHIT out of me. (That is one way to lose weight) But they are Blanche, they are. Of course then they follow all of this crap with a newsflash that things could change by morning and who knows, it could go inland at Galveston as a Moderate cat 4. Or it could go in at Beaumont, or Cameron Louisiana. But as of now, It is poor ole Sargent, Texas. Now just ssssttaayyy ttttuuunnneeedd. SLAP! Wow, I needed that, I was shaking so.
Seriously, I do take the weather situation with a lot of concern. Local channels all say just about the same thing. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. Or..........IN GOD's TIME, NOT THEIRS. (GRIN) (guess from whom I borrowed that phrase.)
Whatever happens, I will go through it sober. I am committed to that on a daily basis. Nothing can or will cause me to loose my sobriety. Nothing, NADA, zilch. I was Given a gift, and I am not an Indian Giver (not politically correct) and I plan to keep that gift, so help me GOD!
One other little tidbit. Twice in the last 9 months the battery in my truck has failed and I had to get a boost. Once was a Saturday when I cleaned out my truck and had the doors open and my country music going. I also did all the windows inside and out. It just sparkled. I got in and NADA. So I called Goodman Honda and they said to have it towed in and they would just replace the battery. Towing was an expensive option even with AAA. So triple A gave me a boost and to Honda I went. They battery tested fine. No problem. OK, I was okay with that. Then this past June we decorated my truck and a convertible for the Pride Parade. It was 100 out that day. SO I kept the truck running with the AC on frantic. Sometime the truck died, I did not notice it, and after we were ready to go, I turned the key and NADA. Got another boost. So, today I was 151 miles past due for my service (the truck has a little gizmo that tells me this) so I took it into Goodson. $120.98 later they came in and asked if I wanted a free car wash. FREE. Hell, yes. She came back in and said Mr. M. your battery is dead. If you would sign here and authorized the service, we can replace it under your warranty. HALLELUJAH! Talk about timing. So about 10 minutes later I left with a new battery, a serviced and clean car. I just love God Shots!
Tonite I am grateful for:
God, My Higher Power.
My Sobriety.
Mamie, my Schnauzer.
My Sponsor.
Ability to pray for stronger nerves.
My God Box. ( I will probably fill it before Sunday)
My house.
A full tank of gas.
A new battery.
My gas grill full and ready to cook if the electricity goes.
Provisions for a week to ten days. (Must buy more diet caffeine free cokes)
Y'all be pretty now, Ya Heah!


J-Online said...

First off, we live very close to each other Mr. Spring Man!

Next, I was not even thinking about the lastest hurricane because of the past drama these forecasters created that turned into not a lot.

Finally, I'm thinking I better get serious about bringing my lawn furniture and other fly aways in. Stay safe and have a great day!

Scott W said...

I hope you have that grill inside the garage or somewhere safe! Maybe I will see you at noon today.


God bless all you Texas folk.
I'll be praying for you.
Living in Florida, I've had my fair share of being in the situation you describe. Very scary!

What a blessing that we can face "anything" without taking a drink.

I made a commitment to myself when I finally got sober that I wasn't going to drink - - no matter what. Nothing, no one was ever going to cause me to pick up a drink. As you put it, nothing, NADA, zilch. That resolve has served me well. That resolve is kept in place by the power of my God.

Mary Christine said...

You are in my prayers.

AlkySeltzer said...

You sound very upbeat for what's coming ATCHA tomorrow afternoon and night.

Prayers! Coming your way...