Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

You cannot know God until you stop telling yourself that you already know God. You cannot hear God until you stop thinking that you've already heard God. Meditations from Conversations With God, Book 1, page 8
Hi, Y'all. I do not know what is going on with my blog, but I hope I have fixed it. I did a Post last night, hit publish, and it just disappeared. So if you find one from me dated Sunday Night, September 7, 2008. Let me know where in the hell you found it.
Had a very nice weekend. Saturday night was the usual, dinner with Daave and friends, Saturday Night Speaker meeting at Lambda and home by 10 PM. Enjoyed the speaker, did not agree with everything he said, but I did enjoy the ESH. I liked that he stated that was he said was not necessarily AA sanctioned, but that these were his truths. He was good - got a few giggles, some obriety, heard about a long relapse, and then a return to sobriety for the last 4.5 years. I appreciate hearing about those continuing to do research to see if it is any better and I have never heard anyone say, hey it was great - I learned to drink like a gentleman.
Sunday, I got a call from Rosalie about Hurricane Ike. It looks like it is headed to Houston. Accordeing to the 5 day cone and track on it looks like it will be over Galveston by Sunday. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ. Here we go again. Well, we will just find out as the days go by. Tracking will be better by Wednesday and we will make a decision by then, but to avoid no rooms at the inn, we are making reservations in San Antonio. That's just playing it safe. That does not mean we have to go. I'm kind of burned out on fleeing at hurricane predictions. But I sure have like the outocome.
Joe and I got together Sunday Evening, had dinner, and watched the knuckle grinding Sunday night broadcast of Big Brother 10. Oh, the drama. Speaking of drama, we then came upon Lana Turner's "Imitation of Life" and watched it. I love that movie, the acting is over the top, it's a tear jerker, but it never is stale. I have seen both versions several times. Loved Claudette Colbert in the 1930's version.
Even with all the "excitement" of the weekend, I added one more weekend of sobriety to my list. It just does not get better than that.
Today I am grateful for:
God, my Higher Power.
My Sobriety
Mamie, my Schnauzer.
My Sponsor.
Love of my Sister and Nephew.
A good night of total rest.
Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


AlkySeltzer said...

I forget how MANY of my "favorite people" live in/around Eastern Texas and I'll tell you, ZJ, all those thoughtful prayers you sent over here to Naples for me the past couple days are being TURNED AROUND--right now--and sent back... "they have reached the turning point..." as one might say -grin-

My procedure this morning went VERY good, and I'm, at least, the first day, HAPPY! I'll blog it when all is done.

God , please remove from them all unnecessary anxiety is my prayer for you this week!


I haven't found your Sunday night blog, but I did find this one. Happily!

I remember seeing "Imitation of Life" in the T.V. guide, but didn't get a chance to watch it. I remember it from when I was a pretty young and impressionable girl - I cried and cried. I imagine I would cry now as well if I watched it again. I saw the one with Lana Turner - great!

Pam said...

I was wondering why you were so quiet...blogger trouble yuck!
On my blog -Hey, I found out all you have to do is click "follows" and it sucks you right in without you having to do that sounds good and easy don't it darlin'?

J-Online said...

oh the dreaded hurricanes. the only positive is possibly a few days off work and head to canyon lake to escape the storm. i think i'd rather work though!

Scott W said...

Blogger automatically saves your posts. In the dashboard go to Edit Posts and it should be on the list, either by title or the first words you typed. If it didn't post then it will say it is a draft. Just open it up and hit the publish button.

Zanejabbers said...

The save square was blinking and I pushed Publish and where it went ??????????????

Scott W said...

Is that post not on your list under Edit Posts?

dAAve said...

I think your Sunday post went to Alabama.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I used to work a ship that called on Galveston and I remember seeing all kinds of archival photos of the devestation after some big storm a few decades ago. Hoping this one turns to mush before landfall anywhere...

Zanejabbers said...

Nope, that post has totally vanished. Happened once before. Probably just an operator error.