Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Afternoon, April 13, 2008

Friends come into our lives and warm our heart; Much like the sun warms the earth. Yet when they depart, we retain the warmth that they have given us. Paraphrase from "Friends" author unknown.
The wonder of yesterday has spilled over into my day today and I could not be more blessed.
I've written recently about reconnecting with my friend Rick from 35 years ago. Yesterday afternoon we met at Lambda at 3:30 and stayed for the 30th Anniversary festivities. A wonderful and pleasant afternoon. During the workshop my mind wondered back to 1973 when we were dating and that we spent most of our time in the bars, at brunch or dinner at one of the gay restaurants, and the night at one of our apartments. He moved to Houston in August of 1973 and lost track of each other. However, we both continued to live on out-of-control disease. I came to AA in 1992 and stayed. He came to AA in 1990 but took the revolving door approach for the first 5 years and will celebrate his 13th year of sobriety on May 5. I was just thinking about how our lives have changed so completely during the past 35 years. And the best of all, now that we are reconnected we sat in a room full of other recovering alcoholics on a beautiful Saturday afternoon for an AA workshop, followed by a delicious barbecue brisket dinner, and then closing out with an 8 PM meeting with 3 20 minute speakers. What a change.
After the meeting Rick and I went out to his house and spent a few hours catching up with each other's lives. Someone said recently that we are not reconnecting that we have both met someone new. And I think that it really true. I got home about 2 AM and Dolly was so glad to see me. That is always a good thing to go through. Such adoration. Back to Rick. I don't know where this is going to go, but I sure am enjoying getting there.
Today I am Grateful for:
God, my Higher Power.
My sobriety.
Dolly, my Schnauzer.
My humorous sponsor.
Today and looking forward to Tomorrow.
Living in the Now.
Y'all be pretty NOW, ya heah.


Bill said...

Simply splendid!
Don't forget to relax and breathe!

Pam said...

Ya know darlin' I think it's true that you are both meeting someone new. You certainly can't remain the same after this much time in recovery (thank goodness). How wonderful for both of you. And what a great event, and safe place for the two of you to spend the day. YES YES...enjoy the trip wherever it leads.
PS: my sponser's sober birthday is May 5th also :)

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

Have a great week ahead! And say hi to your new old friend!

Scott W said...