Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Night, April 30, 2008

My teachers have all come with the same message. Not "I am holier than thou," but "you are as holy as am I. April 30 Meditations from Conversations with God Book 1, page 127

Well, things are looking up. Last night I filled out an application with Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Service. This morning at 7:48 I had a call from a lady from there and she had already talked to my vet and got a good reference and approved my application. I had put down a dog name HOLLY on the application but she had been adopted, but she had a cutie named MUFFIN that was 3 years old. So I met her at noon and Muffin is a doll. Lots of kisses and all that so I said yes. She has all her shots for the year as of Friday, a three year rabies vac, toys, a nice bed, 30days of food and cookies. So home we started and we had only gotten down to the corner of Ella and 1960 and the passenger window went down and out the window went Muffin's head. I hit the up button on the window and she sat back down in the seat. I kid you not, not a second later she put her paw on the window button and down again and out went the head. Now Dolly loved to look out the window and get the wind but she never did the window herself. Muffin is one smart schnauzie. I locked the window buttons. That's the end of that.
I'm not sure about the name Muffin. A friend of mine said he can just see and hear me out in the yard yelling "Here Muffin" and thought I might just as well name her Tiz. Here are a few of the names I've thought of, Scarlet, MuMu, Lady Astor, Miss Mae (her birthday is August 17, same as Mae West). I may not change it, but Muffin just sounds so YUPPIE. I think of Gloria Upson (from Auntie Mame) just thinking of the name. Lots of time for that.
Now, of course, this does not minimize the loss of Dolly. I got Dolly the day after I lost Shatzi, and she helped me through the grief. I think Miss M will help me do the same. I talked to her about Dolly and she just cuddled up next to me and looked up at me like "What in the hell are talking about." She is very smart, knows Sit, Stay, NO, Outside, Walk. And Lays with her head away from me while I eat. So the previous Mommie really spent some time training her.
After the phone call this morning, I said a special thank you to God, and again I told him I was sorry for being mad and pompous yesterday. I think he understood that I was not intending to commit blasphemy. Anyway, the point is that I am working through this, staying sober, and will proceed one day at a time. It works.
Today I am Grateful for:
God, My Higher Power
My Sobriety which has taught me to do the next indicated thing.
Memories of Dolly.
Muffin, My Schnauzer. (I will turn the name thingy over and take it from there)
My Sponsor.
For a quick find through a rescue group.
Feeling blessed because I reached out to give love and a home to a loving little Doggie.
The beautiful silver color of Muffin that just shines in the sunlight.
Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


dAAve said...

For years now, I've been pushing the window button and sticking my head out the window. It just ain't no big deal.

Scott W said...

I vote for Miss Mae. Then her initials would be MMM. My mom adopted a dog named Muffin, and I never cared for that name. It sounds like a name an old woman would choose.

Where's the picture?

Bill said...

I wonder if Muffin knows how to drive?

I'm glad you have a new sweetheart! And, no, it doesn't diminish your love for Dolly at all. I think she's probably relieved that you have someone new to take care of you. That's just how she is. She can play with Chester now without worry.

Trailboss said...

Mom had a little dog named Muffin. I like Gracie myself.

Pam said...

Well if she's used to the name Muffin, you should name her something that at least rhymes with it....hmmm
Huffin' :)
Puffin :)

I'm very happy for you!!!!