Thursday, April 17, 2008


There are those who say that to know God you must overcome all earthly passions. Yet to understand and accept them is enough. What you resist persists. What you look at disappears. April 17 Meditation from Conversations with God. page 100.
Hey y'all. How the hell are ya. Right after I finished my blog post last night, I got up from my desk and damned broke my attache case. That screaming and cussing you heard about 11:30 PM CDSLT was me. My attache case is fine, just moved a bit, but my frigging right little toe is broken. This is the third time in the past 10 years that I have broken a toe. You know how it hurts to bump a toe on something. Well just break one. Gee jahozaphat &^%#^$%#$^%$%&^% and a few other choice words. I know it is broken because I heard and felt the snap. There is nothing they can do for a broken little toe except exray it, charge an outrageous amount, Medicare pays a portion and then I get to pay part of that. I know I am blessed to have Medicare - so I did not go to the emergency room. My foot throbs. My ankle and lower leg hurt like hell. Now I am sure there are those that will say well, a good shot of bourbon would do for MEDICINAL Purposes. Yeah right. Not this kid, not this 66 year old kid. My Toe looks like a grape with its different shades of purple and Burgundy. Oh, well this too will pass. *(&%*&%%*()&)(*^(.
Pam made me hungry this morning talking about grilling an onion. So tonight I picked up two Thick Pork Chops, 2 baking potatoes, 1 Large sweet onion, and two carrots. I sprinkled some seasoned salt and some seasoned pepper on the meat, put in 2 large pods of garlic, the potatoes, the carrots and that wonderful onion. I then wrapped them all together in one large piece of aluminum foil and will bake for 1.5 hours. This is so good. It's quick, no clean up, and I have tonight and tomorrow's suppers. MMMMMM I love me some baked garlic pods.
Today I am grateful for:
God, my higher power.
My sobriety.
Dolly, my Schnauzer, who ran for the bedroom when I yelled last night, then came back slowly to see if I was still alive. She is so cute. Love Her.
My sponsor.
That it is only my toe, and not a foot or leg.
Believing that no matter what, I do not drink alcohol.
Tomorrows double dip meetings; 10 AM and 12:15.
Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


Pam said...

OH NO! I'm so sorry! I broke my toe last year and it really hurt. Geeze Zane, I hope you put some ice on it. Try to stay off it today....damn.

Scott W said...

O O O OOOuuuccchhhhh!!!

Be careful!

Scott W said...

Beware of pods, they could be aliens disguised ready to take your soul. What was that Kevin McCarthy movie? Damn, I can't remember.

dAAve said...

It was good to see you today (in living colors).