Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Night, May 1 2008

We shall not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it. The Promises
I do not have the promises memorized not do I have a lot of the big book memorized. But I do have the gist of it ingrained in my psych and my memory.
Today, at 11:45 AM is the 17th Anniversary of the day Vic called me at work and broke up with me. I was totally devastated. But the truth of that phone call is it set events in motion that finally freed me from the depths of my addiction to alcohol. I would probably have chosen a better way to have done it, but the point is this is how it happened. Vic never thought I had a problem with alcohol, but then he worked nights, so he missed a hell of a lot. Now I still very much love this man, but I have let go as best I can. I do not mope nor obsess over him. That was over long ago. But I have not actively sought out another relationship. He was the love of my life, and that is it. I am not closed to new relationship, as evidenced by the recent reconnection with my old friend Rick. But that ain't gonna happen either. I am basically a happy person, am pleased with my life, and have a wonderful new Doggie. At the end of the day, I get to put this old sober body to bed, say my prayers, and get a good night's sleep without regrets. It don't get better than that.
I have renamed Muffin. I was told that if you rename a pet, the new name should have the same rhythm as the old name. So I have named her Mamie. So, it was Muf fin, and it is now Mam ie. Same rhythm. So far so good, she is responding to Mamie.
So what started out a devastating week, has actually turned out to be a week of survival. I still have my sobriety. I have a new loving doggie. And I have the incredible support from y'all. Thanks is not enough to say, but it will have to suffice. Love you all.
Today I am grateful for:
God, My Higher Power.
My Sobriety.
My schnauzer, Mamie.
Memories of Dolly.
My Sponsor.
The principles of Alcoholics Anonymous that carried me forward.
The poem, Footprints. God definitely has carried me this week. That is grace.
Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


Bill said...

I named one of my favorite cats Mamie! The irony is that, although I was assured Mamie was a girl, he turned into a boy. Since he wasn't going to remain a 'functional' male, I stuck with Mamie anyway.

Thanks for the reminder. He was a fabulous companion...a true gentleman. I should blog about him.

I'm so glad you are enjoying your new furry housemate. Have you let her drive yet?

Trailboss said...

Life can be tough but you survived and still sober. Great news about your new puppy dog.

Pam said...

Please send me his address and phone number....I want to kick his ass.
Mamie is one lucky dog!

Scott W said...

Look out! Pamaladingdong is pissed!

dAAve said...

I like Ike.