Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Night, May 16, 2008

Well if God can't inspire you, who in hell can? May 16 Meditations from Conversations with God Book 1 page 88
Friday. friday. FRIDAY. Friday. The day the new movies come out. Just another day to this ole retiree. But, I sure remember the former importance of Friday to me. Now, it is another day of the week to mark off the calendar before I get my Social Security check on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. So called Hump day is now more important than Friday? It's all in the perspective of the individual.
Tonight I am grateful for:
God, my Higher Power
My Sobriety
Mamie, my Schnauzer
Memories of Dolly
My Sponsor
More than one way to look at most things.
Today's 10 AM meeting.
Today's 12:15 PM meeting.
Fellowship at Luby's
Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


dAAve said...

is this your blog?

Scott W said...

I thought I saw Zane around here.

recoveryroad said...

Saw your post at Dave's place. Just dropped by to say "Hi".