Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Night, May 4, 2008

Every heart has it's secret sorrows; which the world knows not,
And often times we call a man cold, when he is only sad. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Hey y'all, hope everyone had a good weekend. Last evening I had dinner with Rick and Daave and then we went to the Lambda Speaker meeting. The speaker did well in sharing his experience, strength, and hope. I heard what it was like, what happened, and what it is like now. The plus is there were a few laughs thrown in. After the meeting I headed for home and my new doggie, Mamie.
Mamie is a hand full, but is adjusting very well to me and I to her. She is bigger than Dolly or Shatzi, but not a lot. She is a little love. Loves to cuddle, and walk. Now I am having to walk her. She is very spry and demands it. Dolly was satisfied with running a playing the yard and I got used to that. So on Wednesday night I walked Mamie about four houses down and back. Then the next day I walked her one block down and one block back and a repeat for Friday and Saturday. Then today, I walked he two blocks down and two blocks back. Now this is good for this very out of shape old man. I need to be walking, I just need to build on it and not go crazy and wear myself out.
And it is good for me on two fronts. One I really need the exercise. Secondly I am facing my fear of falling while walking. On July 4, 2006 I started falling while walking and I had several spills over the next few months. Turns out I had 7 small strokes. So I have been very reluctant to walk for fear of falling and no one noticing for awhile. I am overcoming this with Mamie and she is just what I need at this time. I still miss Dolly immensely, but this little two year old is demanding and I give into her. She is indeed a God Shot.
Today I did my Sunday with Joe and Karl. I called Joe and told him I thought I would pick up some very thick pork chops and come over and fix them with a potato each, two carrots each, and an onion each. Wrap each Chop and veggies in aluminum foil and bake on a cookie sheet at 375 for 1hr 45 minutes. So we agreed on that, but Joe told me not to include Karl. He is not eating and the Dr. said not to force him. That the will eat when he wants. Today he had an ice cream sandwich. So I went to HEB Marketplace in the Woodlands and picked up the stuff for dinner and over to their house I went. This is the fifth Sunday in 6 weeks that I have cooked for them and myself. I got there about 5 PM and Joe's sister Sheila and her Mr, Art were there. It was good to see them. They left around 6 and I then got dinner on after the long preparation of 15 minutes. Karl stayed in bed and Joe and I ate about 8 PM. Karl is going down hill quickly. I know a lot of it is the continual medication, but it hurts to see him die bit by bit on a daily basis. Their priest did a mass for them at home on Tuesday and I can see a healing in both of them with the tone of their voices and the open and candid talk of what is going on. And I am thankful that I can be there for them and be the best friend that I possibly can be. I love them both.
Today I am grateful for:
God, my Higher Power.
My Sobriety
Mamie, my schnauzer.
The fond memories of Dolly.
My Sponsor.
My fellow trudgers and bloggers.
That today is coming to an end, and tomorrow will soon be the NOW.
Now, y'all be pretty, ya heah.


Pam said...

Zane are an excellent dog excellent friend...and look at you being an excellent daily blogger!
How awesome that you get to walk down this scary road with your friends...that's God stuff.

dAAve said...

That's a wonderful thing you're doing for Karl (and Joe too).

And I think you're right about Dolly leaving when she did and Mamie coming into your life. Everything happens for a reason.

Scott W said...

Being available and honest with people is a great gift to us and to them. You are doing great service work with your friends.

Be sure to take your cell phone with you when you walk the little missus.

Mary Christine said...

And I am grateful for YOU!