Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Night, May 12, 2008

Each circumstance is a gift, and in each experience is a hidden message. May 12 Meditations from Conversations with God Book 1, page 33
Heeeyyyyy AAAAAAAaaaaaalkies,
What a great weekend! Saturday evening I had dinner with Rick and Daave before we went to Lambda for the speaker meeting. A very good speaker with a hell of a story for one so young. But one's experience is just that, never mind the age. Following the speaker meeting was the fundraiser "Mr. & Miss Lambda" contest. And honey, I'm here to tell you those drag queens and the one drag king put on one hell of a show. Not a stinker in the bunch. They were all quite good and just worked their tushes across that stage and down that runway and into the crowd and back to the stage. There were several straight people that came and they seemed to really enjoy it including a group from the Heights with "L".
Yesterday I was over at Joe and Karl's. Karl had had a pretty good day, went for a walk with a walker and even ate a few bits. He was in pretty good spirits and I reveled in witnessing that. We did not have to cook yesterday as Joe's niece had sent over a homemade chicken pot pie. It was so thick, a slice sat on the plate without oozing juice. It was wonderful. I go home about 10, played with Mamie for awhile and went to bed by 11 intending to read but dozed off. I turned the lights out at 2 AM and back to slumber land I went only to wake up at at 12:17 Noon or PM as I have been advised by SW. Another sober weekend is now behind me.
Today was also a good day. Sometime around Saturday I guess my depression lifted and I just realized it today. Love it when it happens that way. I went to a movie today for the $5 senior citizen day at Tinsletown. Saw Iron Man. It was quite good - funny, entertaining, serious, and well done. It just kept on going and never a dull moment. I can't wait for the sequel.
Today I am grateful for:
God, My Higher Power.
My Sobriety
Mamie, my schnauzer(She is a hand full)
Memories of Dolly.
My Sponsor
The message from the Saturday night speaker.
That someone stepped up for the membership elect position on the Lambda Board.
The amazing strength I get as a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


dAAve said...

Good to hear that Karl is handling his situation with such grace.

Scott W said...

I used to love chicken pot pie!

Bill said...

Hi! Just dropping by to say "hello."


Mary Gee said...

Homemade chicken pot pie!!! I have not made that in years. oh man that is good.