Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It all feeds into the NOW.

October 28 - What you open your eyes and look at disappears. That is, it ceases to hold its illusory form. Meditations from Conversations with God, Book 1, page 102
What a weekend, it could not have been better. Saturday my sponsor celebrated his 70th natal birthday with a party. Then on to Lambda Center for the October Birthday Night. Lots of recovery and gratitude. It was great to share all of that on a Saturday night. Sunday was just a day around the house. Little did I know I really needed it to get through Monday.
Monday is $5 day at the Cinemas Market Street in the Woodlands. I went to see "The Secret Life of Bees" and damned near broke my neck. I got my refreshments and into the theatre I went. I started up the stairs and felt rather frisky so I took one step after the other rather than going up one at a time with both feet. I was two rows down from where I wanted to sit when I stepped up with my left foot and it slipped. I over corrected to get by balance as I did not want to fall face first into the steps. I didn't. I totally lost my balance and the popcorn went one way, my coke went the other way and I went over backwards which I just knew I was going to split my head open or break my neck by the time I got to the bottom. Well, lucky for me I went backward and to the right and fell into the seat I had just climbed past, bounced to the back of row of seats in front of that and then a total body slam to the concrete floor and then my head went WHAM on the floor. This was just as the trailers started. Of course all 20 or so of the other attendees were on their feet to check on me. Then the General Manager came in. They got me into a seat and asked how I felt. Well, I was totally embarrassed and also glad to be able to see hear and talk. I was able to answer questions and all that stuff. They wanted to call the paramedics and I said NO, just let me set for awhile, watch the movie, and then see. I just did not want to move. So they brought me a new bag of popcorn and a diet coke. The movie was very good. I will have to see it again tho' as I missed some of it just with the state of mind and body I was in. After the movie I sat down and filled out an accident report. Man I hurt everywhere - and I mean everywhere. After I did that I went to get up and the room started to spin, so I sat back down rather quickly. They called the paramedics and I wound up in the emergency room at The Woodlands Hospital, a Memorial Hermann Hospital. This was at 6:15. They had me in and being checked out by 7. I thought that was pretty damned quick. Three x-rays and poking and prodding later, my diagnosis was a Head Injury and Body contusions. I was released at 11 PM, took a cab the one mile to the movie to get my truck, $15.00 min tab, and the cabbie acted like he expected a tip. I told him I usually tipped, but the $15.00 rate covered it. He was an independent cabbie, so it was his money. I was home and in bed by 12:00. Slept through until 12:17 PM this afternoon. More sore than last night.
Now the soreness will continue for a few more days and will probably get worse tomorrow or Thursday. Then I have to have a followup with my Neurologist and an orthopedic Dr. Well I see my internist at 10 tomorrow so that will do for now. He will check me and tell what I should do next.
It is amazing how God protects me. I have had several falls in the last few years, some were little strokes, some were just falling. It's not good for us old people to fall. So far, I have been very lucky. Thanks to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous I can participate in the happenings of life. I can be present for all things. I may not like them, but I get through them. It's just life on life's terms. Funny how I have used that phrase quite a bit in the last 7 days. That's just the way it goes. Living SOBER on life's terms. It just does not get any better than that.
Tonight I am grateful for:
God, my Higher Power
My Sobriety
Mamie, my schnauzer.
My Sponsor (Bless his 70 year old heart)
That this old bod can still absorb a lot of energy.
That I just plug along one step right after the other.
A well made cane.
Recognizing misguided anger and taking the action to correct it.
Laser Surgery on Thursday
A retinologist with a steady hand
Gratitude for gratitude.
Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


dAAve said...

At least you didn't fall because you were drunk.
Glad you're OK.

JubilantOne said...

Oooh, glad to know you're okay. Falls are absolutely no fun.

Congratulations to your sponsor!

And give Mamie some scratches for me.

Hugs - JO

Scott W said...

Damn, be careful!

Happy Birthday, Norris!

J-Online said...

That is awful. I'm glad you are seeing a follow up doc.

In NY the cabbie told me the amount and then added "plus a tip." That irked me.

Pam said...

OMG !!!!
Zane darlin' I'm so sorry that happened to you.
It's so disorienting to fall that I agree, I would have sat thru the movie too....at the very least to try and get my wits about me again.
I'm so glad you went to get checked out!
Bless you heart sugar butt.

Akannie said...

My goodness--glad you're [mostly] okay!!

I have taken a couple of good falls in the past 2 years, and it scared the bejeezus out of me. I remember thinking--oh,no. Now I am "old woman who falls". My shoulder is still not okay from a fall 2 years ago.

Please take good care. Is the laser surgery this Thursday?

Findon said...

ZaneJabbers what a description. I was with you every step. With my eyes the way they are I've started to kick stuff on the floor that my eyes don't pick up.. Cups of coffee, books anything. I'm a walking explosion. You take care of yourself now and watch those steps.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Geez. Hope you get better quick!