Monday, October 6, 2008

A New Week

October 6 - It is your soul's only desire to turn its grandest concept about itself into its greatest experience. Meditations from Conversations with God, Book 1, page 22
Hi, Alkies. I usually can make a comment about the quote for the day, but today I am at a loss. My soul's only desire? I am going to have to really mull this one over. Maybe, just maybe, I am or have really lost it. Or it could be that I am just totally over analyzing it. My shrink in Los Angeles always said I do over analyze. I'll just have to get a round tuit.
Today is the first day after a really wonderfully enjoyable weekend. Sat nite I had two parties to attend. I felt like such a socialite. The first one was at Daave and Hayden's open house. Man, they just pulled the stops out. I've seen the house since they had some walls knocked out and sort of redid a portion of the floor plan. I watched it grow. Walls went up, tile went in and was then ripped out. I really watched the birth of this place. I have seen it as they furnished it so carefully. I continually thought that this is a nice place. Sat nite it was like the good looking guy you see every day and then you go out and he is in an Armani suit and is just fucking gorgeous. Well, that is like their place - it was very nice, but Sat nite it was complete and dressed to the nines. Fucking fabulous. Very contemporary, tasteful, and not overdone. It was understated elegance and beauty. Oh and the party was very enjoyable also.
Then this man about town went to another AA's twentieth birthday celebration. So many of the people there had been at D & H's housewarming. I saw a few people I had not seen in awhile and had some wonderful conversations.
I am so lucky to have been invited to share in the lives of two households of my friends. And it was two homes of sober people. Yes, we do insist in enjoying life. Sober. And it just does not get any better than that.
Tonight I am grateful for:
God, My Higher Power
My Sobriety
Mamie, my Schnauzer
My Sponsor.
My friends
My neighbors.
The start of a new week.
Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


dAAve said...

Glad you enjoyed our home. You're always welcome.
I wish I could have been at E & A's home too. But alas, I was busy.

J-Online said...

Sounds like a fab weekend. I hope I can meet all of you Houston Bloggers soon.

Akannie said...

I love watching homes come into being...

-especially when the decorators know what they're doing!!

(that would NOT be me...I'm a schlump when it comes to that.) I have one of those homey, average joe kinda places, filled to the rafters with all the things that make me smile.

Were you dressed to "the nines" as well???? Pictures, please! :)

Trailboss said...

It sounds like a lovely evening. It's times like that I wish I was closer (notice I didn't say 'lived in Houston')! Although I do miss Houston at times. But nothing will take me from my wonderful home. I love it here!

Scott W said...

Saw you today!

Patty said...

To go out and socialize and party on a saturday night and be grateful come Sunday...Awesome! Hey, my Grandma had a round tuit, she kept it hanging on the wall in her kitchen. LOL

AlkySeltzer said...

It was PARTIEEEE TIME! Glad you had a good'un. That's what we're finally about. Helping others by "being there", wherever that is.
My opinion.


Thinking of the quote - I think it's pretty deep. I'm not sure "I get it". I'll give it a shot.

IF I decide that my grandest concept about my own soul is as the BB says:

"We found the Great Reality deep down within us. In the last analysis it is only there that He may be found."

Then my soul's only desire is to turn that fact into the greatest experiences of my life.

Still fairly deep!
Hope it makes sense!