Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Night, March 24, 2008

If you think your life is about doingness, you do not understand what you are about. Your soul doesn't care what you do for a living--and when your life is over, neither will you. Your soul cares only about what you're being while you're doing whatever you're doing. March 24, 2008 Meditations from Conversations with God Book 1, page 170
Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy Aaaaaaaaalllllllllkkkkkkkkkkiiiiieeeessss!
How the hell was your Monday? Mine was just another day of being on planet earth. Just a day. I can be ok with any day being just a day. That means I was comfortable in my own skin. Not a bad place to be. Some days I don't want to be there or anywhere else. Some days I just do not want to BE. However, today was not one of those days. Just a day of trudging the road to happy destiny and humming whatever tune comes to mind.
Saturday night I watched a program that I usually don't even give a stop by when I'm channel surfing. It was a PBS program "Great Performances." One reason I don't give it a stop by is because it has been 5 min musice 15 min of asking for money. HOWEVER, tonight was not like that. This was Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Street Band from St. Luke's Church in London. The music was FANTASTIC. It was a mix of blues, gospel, cajun, New Orleans, Folk, etc. and I really enjoyed it. I think it is going to repeated during this week. I am going to double check my PBS station to be sure. Now I like the BOSS but not a great fan. Do not own any of his music. But if this is a CD I would sure as hell buy it. I am going to have to check it out.
I'm posting from the create tab this evening. Not the usual screen I post from. I wonder if this will get rid of those damned dots I use to skip a space between paragraphs. I will find out when I publish this and that will be in less than ten minutes.
Today I am Gratefull for:
My higher power, God.
My Sobriety
Dolly, My Schnauzer (always, copied this from Boston B.)
My Sponsor
The inspirations an joy I get from y'alls blogs.
Hayden bringing a smile to Daave tomorrow.
That I have two pieces of Scott W.'s fantastic art. That way he is always here. HA
My God being a loving, generous being if I stay out of the way.
Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


Todd HellsKitchen said...

Hope you're having a good week!

Bill said...

I hope you're still comfortable in your skin. Your skin really wants you to feel comfortable.
I saw part of a Frontline episode on PBS called Bush's War. I highly recommend it.