Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Afternoon, March 30, 2008

I just have to comment on a news item I read on line. TSA FORCES WOMAN TO REMOVE NIPPLE RING. I do not know if any of you read about this but a woman From Dallas was flying out of Lubbock and was going through the TSA security screening and she set the alarm off. So the agent scanned her and the beeper went off at belly button and her breasts. So she was pulled out of line and was asked to expose the offending items to the agents. It was a belly button ring and a Nipple Ring in each breast. Now this was clearly a matter of "NATIONAL SECURITY" and would affect the safety of all who would be on that flight. The agent demanded that she remove the Nipple rings before allowing her to proceed. She tried and had to ask for pliers to accomplish the DEMAND. As she did so, two of the male agents snickered. TSA is investigating.
Oh, as for the belly button ring, they allowed her to keep that one. WHAT. Now what in the hell did they think she was going to do with those nipple rings. Was she part of a plott to rip her tits off in mid air, pull the rings out as if a hand grenade, and throw them through the fuselage and take out the whole damned plane. Thank God it was not a man with a Prince Albert.
I am enraged about this. LAWSUIT! INVASION OF PRIVACY! Sounds to me like a couple of Over Zealous Pervert Agents having fun at a travelers expense. I hope to hell this woman takes them to court, they lose their jobs, and nothing like this ever happens to any one in these United States Of America.
That lady has to be in recovery. She certainly practiced acceptance and followed through with the principles of the Serenity Prayer. God Bless Her.


Scott W said...

They just wanted to see her play with her boobs. Gotsta be the only reason for that.

Bill said...

LOL...tits as hand grenades!

U iz not rite, Zane!

Pam said...

It drives me crazy the way those TSA people act like they are law enforcement agents. I think when all the security stuff came into play, the airports just promoted a bunch of baggage handlers. I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

to make matters even worse I saw a dramitic re-enactment. A lady had a manequin wearing a bra with the rings on the outside! Then she took a pair of pliers and demonstated how the removal was done.OUCH!!!

dAAve said...

It happens every day.