Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just A Sober Saturday Night

It's Saturday Night and I just got paid................
One of my favorite ole rock and roll songs. I loved it when Rock and Roll came into being. OMG. All the adults thought we were just terrible, that damned vulgar music was going to send us all to hell. What the hell would they think of today's Rap. Worse that we do - it's that damned vulgar music (really vulgar with those "f" "c" "n" words) Now tell me how many rap songs can be hummed. Course I don't really listen to that crap except when I am forced to by a BOOMbox on wheels that bumps my bod like I was a drum. And that damned car is two blocks away.
Rock and Roll came out before I started drinking. Well, actually about the First year that I drank on a regular basis. I was 14/15 and we lived in East Texas in San Augustine. Did me some moonshine in those days. It was a "dry" county so booze was easily available for all from any bootlegger around. We had a special one over in the "quarter". Five of us shared a quart each day at lunch. Coca cola and moonshine or white lightening, Broiler Burger and fries. Lunch was followed by 4th period English class. We gave that poor woman (the teacher) a run for her money. Five of us very sophisticated ole country boys just hootched up and loaded. Great comics - all of us. Be quiet - go sit at your desk and teach you ole bat. One day Mrs. Miller and I were into it, and I threw my Literature book at her. The principal walked in just as the book left my hand and I am here to tell you that book took 12 months to go from my hand to the front of the room missing Mrs. Miller only because she moved. Well, the principal had come for me anyway. My Mother was in his office. Timing was off just a bit. That was my last. year of drinking in high school. My Mother talked the P out of suspending me, so I got 12 swats, with my pants around my ankles and Mother sitting there hootched herself and just glaring at me. I don't know which hurt the most, the swats or her being witness to the welts being made on my poor bare bottom. Today that would get the "P" put in jail.
I still love Rock N Roll. But it's just not like it was back in 1956. the greatest cars ever, the best music ever, and then I grew up. But I won't go into that story. We all know where that took us. I'm just glad I'm where I'm at tonight. At home after an AA speaker meeting, and Its Saturday night and I'm so sober. Thank You God.
Now y'all be pretty, ya heah!


dAAve said...

I bet you'd like to get those swats again.

J-Online said...

I enjoy reading your stories. It's a great time to be sober in Houston, Texas isn't it?

Findon said...

What a great post. I was right back there with you. To have experienced that era must have been something. Even through a haze.

big Jenn said...

Thank you for sharing your memories. The teachers still used paddles when I was in school too.I was a good girl in class. Later on I was hardly ever IN class.Being stoned was quieter than being drunk and easier to get away with. jeNN

Scott W said...

Rock on, dude!


I love old memories as long as they are selective. There is much I prefer to leave forgotten. BUT, there are also good, warm memories. They make me feel good.

Thanks for the little trip down "Rock-n-Roll Memory Lane".