Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just hello.

Marriage is a sacrament. But not because of its sacred obligations. Rather, because of its unequaled opportunity. Meditations from "Conversations with God - Book 1" page 138
Just a great hello, y'all. My head is almost out of the sand. A much better attitude today. Sometimes it just seems its I'm the statue and the next day the pigeon. One of these days I'm going to be a statue in a pigeon memorial park.
Tonight I am grateful for:
  • God, my Higher Power
  • My Sobriety
  • Mamie, my schnauzer
  • My sponsor
  • My eyes -
  • Being sighted
  • Simple things.
  • Continual support from Daave and Scott W.
  • All y'all.

Y'all be pretty now, ya heah.


Steve E. said...

I'm glad you feel "up" today...keep it going, Zane, my friend.

dAAve said...


Syd said...

Glad that you are feeling better. I am doing better today as well.

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Keep on keepin on!

Scott W said...

I think you cannot tread backwards karmically, meaning you won't be a statue or a pigeon.