Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The disappearing Chocolates Starring Mamie.

February 24 - One day, if you have a great deal of courage, you will experience a world where making love is considered better than making war. On that day will you rejoice. Meditations from "Conversations with God - Book 1" page 162
The eyes are much better today. The left one changes almost daily but I am used to that. The right one is usually stable. That gives me one more thing to talk to the Dr. about next Monday. I'm just so thankful that God is giving me the strength to keep on going. I certainly have had enough examples put before me.
I was sooooo mad at Mamie Sunday. I went to the store -Brookshire Bros. to get some Hot Links to grill. I was going to have a couple of Hot Link sandwiches with roasted fries. Well, they did not have them. Damned. But I did pick up three Bavarian Pastries with chocolate icing and filled with custard. I ate one on the way over to HEB - Sawdust, and left two in the sack. I was thinking one for desert and one for coffee on Monday. Well I did get my Hot Links, Some fresh rolls, and a couple of other things. I got to the truck and Mamie was just having a fit, As I opened the door, there on the drivers seat was an empty sack. Both of my Bavs gone and Mamie had some chocolate icing in her silver hairs around her mouth. I was furious and also wanted to laugh at the same time. I yelled "Bad Girl, Bad Dog" and the poor thing got in the back seat and hovered in a corner like the wrath of Kahn was forthcoming. I did pop her with the empty bag. Of course I did not hit her nor have I ever. I have switched her between her rear legs though. When we got home, I made her stay in the attached garage for about 30 minutes. I finally let her in and that tail was going faster than a helicopter propeller. I yelled Bad Girl again and she just slunk off and hid under my desk with her head popped out and those big ole brown eyes just looking up - like Daddy, Please Love Me. Then she came slinking over and just stared at me. I turned, looked down at her, put my hands on my rather wide hips, and said Bad Girl - those brown eyes peeped out from her long hair and the left paw came up and pawed at me and I just melted. I picked her up and got just a facefull of kisses. Damned I almost licked her back, the smell of chocolate was so strong and yummy. I was worried about her though because chocolate can be deadly to a dog, and I sure do not want anything to happen to my little girl. I did have my planned dinner as I watched the Academy Awards - two grilled hot link sandwiches with baked fries, But Alas - no dessert - it was partially already in my stomach and in Mamie's belly. Yep, God was doing for me what I could/would not do for myself - he got rid of my dessert. So I only got one moment of wonderment between the lips, and a smaller bit foreverness on the hips. Mamie still is ok, so I don't think the Chocolate hurt her, nor the sugar. And the Chocolate was probably Chocolate flavoring - But at least I got one.
Tonight I am grateful for:
  • God, My Higher Power
  • My Sobriety
  • Mamie, my OCD Bavarian stuffed schnauzer.
  • My Sponsor
  • My right eye
  • Sight dujour in the left eye.
  • Courage
  • Serenity
  • Food - (I need some - I keep forgetting to eat today. I do that every now and then.)
  • All Y'all

Y'all be pretty, now ya heah.


steveroni said...

...and life goes on. Ain't it grand?

dAAve said...

Not eating can be fatal.

Scott W said...

Forget to eat? I have never!

Poor Mamie. She just wanted what Daddy had.

Syd said...

I know that Mamie was delighted that you picked her up for a hug. My reprimands to the dogs are done at the moment that they did something, otherwise it's useless since they can't connect a tongue thrashing with what happened minutes ago. Beside hugs are better than anger.

Prayer Girl said...

Hi Zane,
I told you I would find you NMW.

Dogs with wonderful masters are just so loving, trusting, and forgiving. Great role models. (Loving masters and the dogs.)

At least you got one of the Bavarian pastries. (Just trying to look at the bright side.) :)


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Mamie and my dog Tallulah would be the biggest BFFs for sure...my Tulley is crazy and loves to do what she wants to do...

Findon said...

Great. I could just picture Mamie in the truck saying " No, No No, don't do it, it is bad and he will be mad. No No don't do.... Oh what the hell, one can't hurt"!!!!. Now I wonder who that would remind us of!!! Glad you made it up and you can tell me what hot links are if you like.