Saturday, February 21, 2009

Line Problems and Mardi Gras.

February 21 -Your body, your mind and our soul (spirit) are one. In this, you are a microcosm of Me--the Divine All, the Holy Everything, the Sum and the Substance. Meditations from :Conversations with God - Book 1" pg197
Damned. Last night just did not work out like it was supposed to. I was reading all y'alls blogs and got a mesg that I was no longer connected to the internet, that the line had been dropped. So I rebooted and nothing - So I picked up my trusty little phone that was made in China and called and got Gilly in Mumbai. Just the happiest little creature I have ever talked to. Seems the problem was between the carrier and my modem. She took my phone numbers on my house phone and my cell phone (made in Korea) and assured me the problem would be fixed by morning or I could expect a repairman between 12 noon and 2 PM. (Don't know where he was made)
Upon awakening about 11ish this AM, i had a message on my land line that the problem had been cleared and connections were workiing. YEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAW:. And it was, so here I am doing a blog post at 11:58 AM on Saturday morning, having had breakfast, talked to Daave, Rick, and my sponsor and It is only 11:59. I mean, like it is a miracle that I am even up this early, plus having talked to this many people and done all this in one hour. OMG. I'm just totally underwhelmed. HA!
Tonight is speaker night at Lambda followed by Lambda's 4th annual Mardi Gras Parade. It should really be spectacular this year - there are seven floats depicting 7 cities around the world. These "floats" have a grocery cart as its base and I have heard that a couple of these have to be turned anti-gogling to get in the roll up door. Come one, Come all, grab those beads, laugh, giggle, and scream at what our fellow drunks have wrought unto us this glorious night. It should be a scream. And its a hellava good time in SOBRIETY. It just don't get much better than that.
Today I am grateful for:
  • God My Higher Power
  • My Sobriety
  • Mamie, my adorable loving OCD schnauzer
  • My Sponsor
  • My Right Eye
  • The left one improving a bit daily.
  • Two very good meetings yesterday.
  • Fellowship
  • Dinner with friends tonight
  • All y'all.

Y'all be pretty now ya heah!


Trailboss said...

Good gosh Zaney baby...what time to you usually get up? I am at work before 7am. I think there is a name for people like you......retired. lol

Zanejabbers said...

I'm a night owl. I usually go to sleep about 2-3 AM. Sometimes 4. Sleep 8 - 10 hours. Just depends.

steveroni said...

Have a good time in the old town tonight, Zane. Nice to see ya all over the 'logs and the 'net.

Don't forget the beads!!!

dAAve said...

Now I remember you!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I have to work hard to be pretty, but i love your blog...thank you for such great posts and I am so glad that you got reconnected...y'all come back now...hear!

Syd said...

Zane, have a good time. I'll be there in spirit. Glad that the Mumbai lady fixed you up. And your pointing out how out sourced we are in this country is something that has caused me worry for some time. Is anything made here anymore?

Scott W said...

I think I saw you there last night!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

What did you wear (or NOT wear) to Mardi Gras????

Zanejabbers said...

Nothing. I stuck a cube of butter up my butt and backed in as a Parker House Roll.